Mohawk hairstyles

The Mohawk hairstyle is a hairstyle in which both sides of the head are shaven, leaving a strip of long hair at the center. This Mohawk hairstyle has become a trend for the last few decades especially after a lot of celebrities including soccer players adopted it. The hairstyle (also called the Mohican hairstyle in British English) is named after the indigenous people who resided in the Mohawk Valley in upstate New York. This hairstyle is unique and gives a fresh and stylish look. In some cases, the hair may not be completely shaven but only slightly reduced in the sides. The hair at the sides in Mohawk hairstyle are very short or completely absent when compared to the hair at the middle of the head. This hairstyle needs to maintained properly in order to retain the proper mohawk shape. Shaving and trimming should be done carefully. This type of hairstyle also increases the amount of time for styling and often gels or styling instruments are also used while making it. Though Mohawk hairstyle was originally adopted only by men but the hairstyles has become quite common among females in recent times.

This image shows one of the most popular forms of Mohawk hairstyle for girls. The hair at the center is very long and is colored with a different color when compared to the hair at the sides. In this case, the hair at the sides is not completely shaven but instead very short. Most females do not prefer to shave off part of their hair unlike their male counterparts. So, they normally trim the hair to a shorter length at the sides while keeping the hair relatively longer at the middle of the head. Many of them also color their hair with feminine colors to provide a cute look and contrast between the layers as in the image above. However, this is not the traditional mohawk hairstyle but a unique improvisation of the hairstyle. A lot of the girls wearing Mohawk hairstyles are those who like to experiment in life and so, such unique forms of the hairstyle is noticed a lot more frequently nowadays. This hairstyle also has bangs at the side, which covers one side of the face.

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This is the traditional Mohawk hairstyle which is used more by the men compared to women. The hair is completely shaven off on the sides and a strand of spikes are left at the bottom. Though the hairstyle looks very good on the lady in the image above, not a lot of women can carry off well the partially shaven head and instead prefer to reduce the hair length on the sides as in the earlier case. This type of traditional Mohawk hairstyle mainly completely casual wear such as jackets, denims etc. compared to formal clothes.

This is an improvisation of the traditional Mohawk hairstyle where the hair is partly shaven off and partly kept in distinct sections of the head. The hair at the center of the head is made very long and appears like a deathhawk. Two parallel sections of relatively shorter hair are kept near the middle of the right and left sections of the shaved head. And the hair at the front of the head above the forehead are also kept while allowing some bangs to fall on the forehead. These improvisations also provide a punk look which was originally associated with the Mohawk hairstyle.

This is one of the most common form of Mohawk hairstyles nowadays and is called Liberty spikes. In this hairstyle, the hair at the center is formed into a set of distinct spikes resembling the spikes on the Statue of Liberty. The size and length of the spikes might vary as per the choice of the person wearing it.

In this hairstyle, the hair is not shaved off completely at the sides but they are instead used to create the section of long hair at the center of the head.

This is another improvisation of the Mohawk hairstyle. The hair at the sides is not completely shaven. The hair is folded and twisted to make this hairstyle. The hair at the center is made long, straight and stiff. This hairstyle looks entirely different from other hairstyles including all other Mohawk hairstyles. The hair at the center stands like branches of a tree as the contain different sections of straight hair spreading in different directions. The hair is also shaded at the edges. The hair at the front is also folded up and joined with the hair at the center.

This is not a Mohawk hairstyle but only an imitation of the same by tying the hair in a set of updos at the center of the hair and letting some of the hair remain out of the upto to make them look straight. Though not a proper Mohawk hairstyle but it is relatively easier to make and consumes a lot lesser time.

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