Ponytail hairstyles

A complete gathering of hair that is firmly fixed close to the head, so that the hair hangs down is called a ponytail. It can be worn either at the top of the head or at the middle or near the neck. Generally, most girls prefer ponytail at the middle or down. This makes the girl look more attractive and charming. Ponytails are relatively easier and less time consuming to make. The hair length for making a ponytail can be small, medium or long. The hair size may be either thick or thin.

This is one of the most common form of ponytail hairstyles that suits well on all types of clothes. A single ponytail is made from the middle of the head and it can be made very quickly with the help of a rubber band or clip.

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This hairstyle is fixed at the middle. It is a step model ponytail. The hair is not even in length and goes on increasing from top to bottom. This form of hairstyle is suitable on both casuals and formals. In this hairstyle, the hair is medium in length. The hair is taken up completely, without any gaps on the forehead.

This is an example of a ponytail hairstyle for girls with short hair. If the hair is short and the volume of hair is thick, then it works out fine. But if the volume of hair is very thin as well as the length of hair is short, then it might not work out well.

This hairstyle is most suitable on casuals. It is mostly preferred by young girls. Two ponytails on either side look good. The hair in this hairstyle is medium length and does not have step cuts. The hair length is same. The hair in the front falls on the forehead.

This is a fashionable hairstyle but worn rarely. This hairstyle is generally preferred by models or some college going girls. This is a side ponytail, which means ponytail is worn either on the right side or the left side. The hair is uneven at the sides.

This is a ponytail hairstyle worn down the head near the neck. In such hairdos, the hair lies evenly on the neck and back rather than hanging out in the air before falling on the back as is the case with top and middle ponytails.

This hairstyle looks cute and is generally worn by infants and small kids. This ponytail is worn on the top of the head. This is more suitable for short length hair and when the hair is not fully developed.

This hairstyle looks like a braided step model ponytail. A single ponytail is worn using three step model. This hairstyle looks more elegant from the back and can be worn on any outfit. This hairstyle is suitable for medium or long hair.

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This is you tube video showing easy ponytail hairstyles. A number of ponytail models can be worn as shown in the video.

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