Short bob hairstyles

Bob hairstyles are some of the most popular types of hairstyles among girls and young women. And there are different types of bob hairstyles too. Bob hairstyles suit very well in short hair and so, short bob hairstyles are quite popular too. In these hairstyle, the hair is cut straight around the head. Sometimes, bangs are also created at the front. Generally, bob hair starts from ear to shoulder level. Short bob hairstyle looks simple and are easy to maintain. The bangs at the front should be straight without any curls or curves. This hairstyle adds a lot of volume to the hair.

This is a fashionable short bob hairstyle. This hairstyle covers the ears and the side of the face. It has also got bangs at the front. These bangs cover one side of the forehead. This hairstyle is very short which ends at chin level.

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This is a neck length bob hairstyle. The hair is even at the sides and at the back. There are no bangs at all near the forehead in this hairstyle. The hair is straight and the hairstyle gives a cute look to the lady wearing it. It suits both casual as well as formal attire and provides a professional look suitable for office use too.

The hairstyle in this image is also bob model. This is a chin level hairstyle. This hairstyle is not layered and is straight. The hair at the front also covers part of the forehead. The strands of hair on the forehead give a cute look to the face too. This is a simple and superb hairstyle and works very well with casual outfits.

This is a very short bob hairstyle. This hairstyle covers only the ears. This has only side bangs which cover one side of the face. It looks very simple and beautiful especially with colored hair such as pink color. This hairstyle is suitable on casuals.

This is a bob hairstyle which looks very simple. This hairstyle has bangs at the front. These bangs are also straight. This hairstyle is layered from back to side. The hair at the side is more compared to the hair at the back.

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This tutorial video shows how the bob hairstyle is made stylish. All these hairstyles are simple to wear. This takes only a very little time to make them stylish.

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